Get the Best Android Security Apps from MyDeviceLock

In the growing era of technology when the world is shrinking within our palms, data and information is transacted freely and openly over the virtual market space. This free movement of data and information has increased the speed of transaction while making our transactions easy and smooth. However, this smooth and easy transaction has also [...]

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Mobile Security Android Users can Avail Security Apps for Android

All mobile users should identify and understand the reasons behind data theft and accordingly protect their smart phone from such malware attacks. As per a research conducted some time back by Arxan has revealed that at least 73% of popular free Apps on android phones have been hacked. Today there are some high quality smartphone [...]

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Growing Need for High-end Mobile Security Apps by My Device Lock

Now days, the usage of the smartphones and various mobile applications has increased considerably. With the preamble of 3G and 4G networks, smart mobile phones are more often used for business, financial transactions and social linkage. The increase in the access to such facility and the internet is however beneficial but is also risky. People [...]

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Choose MyDeviceLock to Enhance Your Phone Security

Passwords and finger print detection are no longer reliable ways of keeping your android phone safe. Security Apps for Android are known to come with advanced security features that will make your phone inaccessible. Security apps are built with a perfect integrity to ensure that all kinds of data in your phone is well protected. [...]

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Choose MyDeviceLock – Best Security App For Android Device

Keeping Android phone safe is the prime concern of the people worldwide and it’s because their mobile phone include many valuable data and personal information. Also many of you do not want your personal information getting into the hands of intruders. There are many Smartphone security apps available in the market today to choose from [...]

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